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The Custom Bootfitting Specialists.

Boot Solutions in Niseko and Hakuba Japan is a specialist custom ski boot and snowboard boot fitting operation.

Boot Solutions is owned and operated by experienced Foot & Ankle Surgeon Dr Ned Buckley. Through a unique combination of medical, biomechanical and technical knowledge, Ned and his team of qualified bootfitters are able to offer clients an unrivalled boot fitting experience.

We offer an extensive range of ski and snowboard boots, with over 120 different models from 11 leading brands. We also have a fantastic selection of quality European winter footwear.

Our new store at Hilton Niseko Village (opening December 2018) will also be offering premium ski and snowboard rentals and retail.

Men's All Mountain Adventurer Ski Boots 2019


Dalbello Lupo 130 C

Flex: 130 Last: 98mm

Hiking like a touring boot and skiing like a freeride boot – seemed to be impossible; until now! The new Lupo 130C combines greatest skiability, easy handling and all this under 1700g.

Bootfitter’s comments: The legendary fit and lateral stiffness of Dalbello’s Krypton/Lupo series, in a lightweight package, optimised for backcountry freeride. One boot to do it all?

Available in our Niseko and Hakuba stores.


Dalbello Lupo AX 115

Flex: 115 Last: 100mm

The Lupo 115 AX features all the power and performance of Dalbello’s best-selling Lupo series in a new, wider 100mm last, allowing a wider range of skiers to enjoy the progressive, natural flex and rebound of Dalbello’s cabrio design. Features a walk mode, removable tongue, and tech inserts for maximum functionality and comfort on the uphills, while the solid 115-flex tongue and 3-piece design offer great lateral stability and power on the way down.


Bootfitter’s comments: The Lupo and Krypton ranges have always been massively popular sellers for skiers with narrower feet, and with the Lupo AX Dalbello have finally offered a wider version. The 100mm last width, 115 flex and versatile feature set of the Lupo AX should suit a huge range of skiers.

Available in our Niseko and Hakuba stores.

Dalbello Panterra 120 ID


Flex: 120 Last: 102mm

The PANTERRA 120 is geared for expert level and high performance all mountain/adventure skiers. Incoprorating many of the structural and performance features of the popular Krypton KR2 models - only wider - Panterra adds sturdy and precise Hike/Ride Cuff Lock/Unlock control to get you to anywhere you want to go on the mountain. Hy-Grip rubber midsole and replaceable toe and heel provide extra traction and durability when hiking. Exclusive VFF System (variable volume fit) enables quick and precise forefoot width to be adjusted via the toe buckle. Featuring TRUFIT Comp fit system innerboots for comfort, warmth and shock absorption.


Bootfitter’s comments: A perennial bestseller, now with a lighter shell for easier hiking. Versatile, powerful and adaptable, whether on the frontside or in the backcountry.

Available in our Niseko and Hakuba stores.

Dalbello Panterra 100


Flex: 100 Last: 102mm

The Panterra 100 is targeted toward advanced to expert skiers. The Panterra 100 design incorporates many of the structural and performance features of the popular Krypton construction and adds a sturdy and precise Ski/Hike cuff lock for supreme versatility. A Hy-Grip rubber midsole and replaceable toe and heel are also offered on the 100 to provide extra traction and durability when hiking. Dalbello’s 3 Piece Cabrio design provides responsive and consistent flex with tenacious lateral and rearward power. Contour 4 Fit Technology allows for a close anatomic fit while accommodating the typical hot-spots many skiers encounter while the VFF Fit System enables quick and precise forefoot width to be adjusted via the toe buckle. Center Balanced “Rocker” Stance allows skiers to take full advantage of their equipment by centering their body mass over the sweet spot of their skis for more power and control with less effort. Available with TRUFIT Performer fit system heat moldable innerboots.


Bootfitter’s comments: Proven Panterra fit and performance, but with a softer flex for lighter or less aggressive skiers. Your ticket to the whole mountain!

Available in our Niseko store.


Fischer Ranger Free 130 Walk Dyn

Flex: 130 Last: 99mm

Imagine enjoying any terrain, in any conditions, all in the same high performance boot. One day it’s fast frontsides, another day it’s knee-deep backside powder or touring untouched backcountry snow. That’s all possible with the Ranger Free, an ultralight freeride boot that is a stable, high performance boot on fast groomed slopes, while also offering serious tour walkability.

Bootfitter’s comments: A brand new boot from Fischer, the Ranger Free 130 features a lightweight yet powerful shell, innovative walk mode, tech inserts and Gripwalk soles, making it a fantastic entry in to the category of crossover boots.

Available in our Niseko store.

Fischer Ranger One 130


Flex: 130 Last: 101mm

Lightweight feel, excellent performance in any conditions and the unparalleled walkability of the Ranger ONE are for passionate skiers who want to have it all. Easy-entry design, intuitive ski/walk lever, and customizable 130 flex shell let you enjoy long days on the snow.

Bootfitter’s comments: The new Ranger One 130 from Fischer is a hybrid boot that shares a lot of features with the popular Ranger Free series, but built on a more relaxed 101mm last to accommodate those with a wider foot. Built for all-day comfort, whether in the resort or deep in the backcountry.

Available in our Niseko Store

Nordica Strider Pro 130


Flex: 130 Last: 100mm

The Strider Pro 130 is a brand new boot from Nordica, based on the last shape and shell tech of the bestselling Speedmachine series. Geared at aggressive skiers looking for one boot to tackle the resort and backcountry, the Strider Pro features tech inserts, a Michelin rubber WTR sole, a walk mode, and a smooth, powerful 130 flex.


Bootfitter’s comments: The Strider Pro represents Nordica’s first foray into building a boot with full touring capabilities. We've been very impressed with the solid downhill performance and hiking functionality of these boots. The 100mm shell shape, cork-fit liner and Infrared shell moulding technology offer a personalised fit for all day comfort.

Available in our Niseko and Hakuba stores.

Nordica Strider 110


Flex: 110 Last: 100mm

Whether exploring the resort with friends, slipping into the sidecountry, or just trekking across the parking lot, the Strider 110 offers exceptional performance, comfort, and versatility. Built around a 100mm last, its shell and liner can readily be customized for a more personalized fit. The boot’s forgiving flex enhances comfort while its alpine spine delivers exceptional power and response—even in the toughest terrain. To make walking in the boot especially easy, its hike mechanism affords a generous range of motion. And to keep your feet warm and dry, it sports a Primaloft® insulated liner. Embrace all mountain adventures with the Strider 110.

Bootfitter’s comments: The Strider 110 is an ultra-versatile boot for intermediate-advanced skiers who are looking to take their first steps out into the backcountry, while still retaining solid downhill performance. Built on the proven Speedmachine last, this is an excellent crossover option.

Available in our Niseko store.

Tecnica Cochise 130


Flex: 130 Last: 99mm

Any mountain, any snow and any challenge is what the Cochise Pro 130 was designed to conquer. True polyether race plastic, 4 buckles, integrated tech inserts, Power Light Design construction to cut weight with an all new Self Adjusting Cuff Mobility System is how Tecnica made our athletes dream a reality. The most anatomical Cochise to date feels progressive and well suited for long days in the snow with a 99mm last. Keep an eye out for Tecnica's latest orange tour de force on the feet of Freeride World Tour Champions, patrollers on early morning bomb patrols, the guides at Alaska Heli Guides and upcomers world wide.


Bootfitter’s comments: An evolution of the bestselling free ride boot from Tecnica. The Cochise features an updated shell shape for a more precise fit and stronger power transfer, as well as an overhauled walk mode and the introduction of integrated tech inserts for universal binding compatibility.

Available in our Niseko and Hakuba stores.


Tecnica Cochise 110

Flex: 110 Last: 99mm

The Cochise 110 features excellent performance with the same lower shell qualities as the 130. Combine that with our QuadraFit liner and you get a great fitting boot with zero compromise in performance. A wide range of motion in the Cuff Mobility system makes life easy on you whether you're shredding the resort, backcountry or the dance floor. 


Bootfitter’s comments: A great option for those seeking a first touring boot, the Cochise 110’s walk mode and lightweight shell material give comfort and performance on the climbs, without compromising feel and control on the way down.

Available in our Niseko and Hakuba stores.

Mindbender 130_Fotor.png

K2 Mindbender 130

Flex: 130 Last: 98mm

Take the stout 130 flex and the tried-and-true K2 fit, and head for the hills. Weighing 1675g, featuring pin inserts, and touting fifty degrees of motion, the K2 Mindbender 130 Boots won’t slouch on the uphill. But with the Powerlite™ Shell and Friction Free Pivot, this boot stacks up as one of the best freeride boots on the market. Toss in a bevy of customizable features, and boom – your dream boot is a reality.

Bootfitter’s comments: Brand new from K2 this season, the Mindbender 130 replaces the ever-popular Pinnacle 130 with some significant upgrades. Featuring an updated walk mode, GripWalk soles and a lightweight, heat-mouldable shell, this is a serious hybrid boot built for frontside, backcountry and everything in between.

Mindbender 100_Fotor.jpg

K2 Mindbender 100

Flex: 100 Last: 100mm

For the intermediate skier with big mountain dreams, snag the medium flexing K2 Mindbender 100 boots. Light in weight but not features, these Medium Volume freaks won’t suck on the uphill but will crush on the downhill.

Bootfitter’s comments: Another brand new boot from K2, the Mindbender 100 shares all the features of the Mindbender 130, in a more forgiving 100 flex package. Ideal for smaller, younger, lighter or less aggressive skiers who still want a boot that can take you deep into the backcountry one day and charge resort laps the next.

BFC 120.png

K2 BFC 120

Flex: 120 Last: 102mm

A new boot from K2, the BFC 120 builds on the success of the BFC 100, offering the same high-volume comfort fit to more advanced skiers. Featuring a walk mode, hands-free entry, and a generous forefoot fit, this boot is designed to offer ultimate comfort, while the 120 flex offers enough power and precision to charge hard.


Bootfitter’s comments: K2’s BFC is one of the highest volume boots in our range, making it a great fit for those customers with extremely wide feet. We’re delighted to be able to offer the BFC’s supremely comfortable fit in a stiffer flex, allowing more advanced skiers to enjoy it!

Available in our Niseko store.


K2 BFC 100

Flex: 100 Last: 102mm

This ski boot was Built For Comfort. The new B.F.C. 100 lets you slide in and out of a wider, roomy last without even using your hands. K2’s brand-new B.F.C. incorporates the long-lasting on-hill performance of our Energy Interlock tech with a convenient Après Mode walk feature so the good times follow you off the hill. New for this season, the B.F.C. 100 is also available with the option of a heated liner.


Bootfitter’s comments: The B.F.C. features a new, high-volume last shape, hands-free entry, and a walk mode for comfort and convenience off the hill. The 100 flex will work well for improving intermediate skiers looking for a boot to use all over the mountain. For those who suffer from cold toes, the new heated liner option is a must!

Available in our Niseko, Hakuba and Niseko Village stores.


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