Boot Solutions Japan

The Custom Bootfitting Specialists.

Boot Solutions in Niseko and Hakuba Japan is a specialist custom ski boot and snowboard boot fitting operation.

Boot Solutions is owned and operated by experienced Foot & Ankle Surgeon Dr Ned Buckley. Through a unique combination of medical, biomechanical and technical knowledge, Ned and his team of qualified bootfitters are able to offer clients an unrivalled boot fitting experience.

We offer an extensive range of ski and snowboard boots, with over 120 different models from 11 leading brands. We also have a fantastic selection of quality European winter footwear.

Our new store at Hilton Niseko Village (opening December 2018) will also be offering premium ski and snowboard rentals and retail.

Men's Snowboard Boots 16/17 Models

Deeluxe Spark Summit TFP

The Spark Summit makes no compromises. C3-Boa® lacing and a Vibram® East Ridge sole provide a responsive ride while the boot’s oiled leather offers a rich appearance and durability for the backcountry. Go deeper with the Spark Summit.

Bootfitter’s comments: Top of the line boot from Deeluxe. Stiff and durable for big mountain charging, looks good enough for apres!


Deeluxe Xve TFP

For long days and demanding missions, tap the XVe. Designed by Xavier de Le Rue, this expedition boot offers unrivaled performance and protection. Its new XLS-System also enhances strides when skinning. Drop into the future.

Bootfitter’s comments: Designed for long backcountry missions, the XVe combines the response of the Spark Summit with a walk mode for skinning comfort, and a sealed lower for extra protection.



Deeluxe Spark XV TF

Xavier de Le Rue designed the Spark XV for big mountain destruction. Built to withstand abuse, this boot offers exceptional performance whether hiking, skinning, climbing, or riding. It’s the perfect partner for pushing boundaries.

Bootfitter’s comments: Based on the same sole platform as the Spark Summit and the XVe, the Spark XV offers a lighter weight and more flexible package for those who prefer a softer feel.


Deeluxe Vicious TF

Riders who charge hard count on the Vicious. The stiffest boot in the collection, this freeriding fiend features Custom Flex construction and the new Remedy sole. With a clean appearance, the Vicious turns heads and pleases feet.

Bootfitter’s comments: A high-performance all-mountain boot, the Vicious features a firm flex for great response, and Deeluxe’s broad fit and legendary durability for years of happy shredding.


Deeluxe Empire TF

If you consider the entire mountain your domain, the Empire awaits you. Our flagship boot features a timeless, asymmetrical design for pushing progression. From kickers to cliffs, the Empire can handle it all.

Bootfitter’s comments: Featuring a mid-firm flex, and Deeluxe’s slightly softer (but still fully custom) TF liner, the Empire is a great everyday boot for almost any rider!


K2 Thraxis

The Thraxis offers more on the fly fit tuning than any other boot you can buy. With three Boa® reels controlling one internal and two external lace zones there is no better way to ensure proper fit. Now with a new Vibram® outsole that is rooted in mountaineering trade tradition the Thraxis is next level snowboarding footwear.

Bootfitter’s comments: Triple Boa for ultimate fit tuning, the Thraxis is light, stiff and comfortable to keep you on the mountain all day.


K2 Maysis+

The legendary Maysis, meets the legendary heritage of grip and durability of Vibram® outsoles. The result is the Maysis+. But we didn’t stop there, the all new Tailored Zonal tightening and super rich synthetics give this boot the grip, durability and adjustability that lives up to the Maysis name.

Bootfitter’s comments: Building on the legendary Maysis, the Maysis+ features extra adjustability for improved hold where you need it, and updated styling. Awesome all-round performance.


K2 Maysis

Fit and long lasting consistent flex has not only earned Tim Eddy’s trust but also that of most snowboarders around the globe. Now more then ever, the Maysis snowboard boot is the best choice in Double Boa comfort and shred performance.

Bootfitter’s comments: Double Boa adjustability and an Intuition liner for a dialled fit, the Maysis is an awesome option for those looking for no-nonsense all mountain performance.


Ride Insano

No need to adjust your meds, the Insano will take you to new levels of crazy with proven performance features and the latest in lightweight goodness. The Insano features the premium fit of our Intuition™ Dream Liner and Boa® Focus lacing with the Closer™ lace guide, along with the ultra-premium Michelin® Peak Sole for a barefoot light feel. Offering first-class function and a precise fit, this charging snowboard boot commands on hill respect.

Bootfitter’s comments: Serious performance and durability from Ride. The Insano fits that little bit snugger than a lot of competitors, giving awesome heel hold and instant response from your board.

Ride Fuse


The Fuse snowboard boot is part of our Akomplice Collaboration. Tested by Ride’s top performing pros and built for the established freestyle guy, the new Fuse is all the rage. Debuting Ride’s new Slime Tongue™ technology that offers better forward flex, response, and rebound with lasting dampening performance. Featuring the new FlexLight outsole for better cushioning, dampening and performance, along with Tongue Tied™ Boa® closure system for next level heel hold and customizable Intuition™ foam liner. The fusion of new and proven technologies make for an explosive freestyle men's snowboard boot built to dominate.

Bootfitter’s comments: The convenience of Boa meets the old-school precision of laces in the Fuse, a lightweight, powerful and versatile boot for all-mountain freestyle riding.


Ride Lasso

Rounding up the best, and most durable snowboard boot features, the Lasso has what it takes to provide rides with a lasting comfortable fit, and on-the-fly adjustment. Featuring the Tongue Tied™ Boa® closure system for award-winning heel hold, the easy-to-use shell lacing Boa® coiler, and supportive Intuition™ foam liner for a superior fit out of the gate. Ideal for all mountain freestyle riders, these Lasso snowboard boots will have you tackling terrain with new-found fervor.

Bootfitter’s comments: A highly adjustable, supportive boot for anyone from the first-time buyer to the seasoned rider who wants a softer flex. Snugger heel pocket and Ride’s Tongue Tied system keep things precise and responsive.


Salomon Malamute

Get mechanical assistance from the most responsive and supportive boot out there—The Malamute Snowboard Boot comes complete with a brand new Ortholite C3 insole with dual density memory foam plus an EVA heelcup, and a Platinum 4D Liner for unrivaled comfort. An Integrated Heel Strap and Salomon’s Power Frame team up with Energizer Bars for a long lasting and a customizable flex pattern. Get even more traction with the Hike Outsole, and lock your hoofs down with our famed Power Lock Lacing system.

Bootfitter’s comments: A stiff, light and durable boot from Salomon, with awesome heel hold and a snugger fit throughout. For hard-charging riders looking for a responsive performance fit.


Salomon Synapse

Designed to lead the all-mountain expedition, the Synapse Snowboard Boot features Salomon’s new Ortholite C3 insole with dual density memory foam and an EVA heelcup for a custom fit right out of the box. The Exhale Gold Series Liner provides climate control while touring, and PowerLock Lacing delivers the perfect blend of convenience and support all day.

Bootfitter’s comments: A medium-firm flex and a backcountry focus make this a great boot for Niseko conditions. Retain’s Salomon’s lower-volume fit, but the flex offers a bit more accessibility and versatility than the Malamute.

Salomon Synapse JP


Designed to lead the all-mountain expedition, the Synapse Snowboard Boot features Salomon’s new Ortholite C3 insole with dual density memory foam and an EVA heelcup for a custom fit right out of the box. The Exhale Gold Series Liner provides climate control while touring, and PowerLock Lacing delivers the perfect blend of convenience and support all day.

Bootfitter’s comments: All the performance and build quality of the bestselling Synapse, but in a slightly roomier fit, the Synapse JP is a great all-mountain option for intermediate to advanced riders.

Flow Talon Focus

When it comes to performance and superior fit, the Talon is the top of the food chain. This ultra supportive boot with BOA Focus is 100% waterproof and was designed with all-mountain riding in mind. Using only the highest quality most durable materials available, these boots are screaming to be put to the test.

Bootfitter’s comments: A stiff, supportive boot for hard-charging all-mountain performance. Fully waterproof to keep you shredding all day.

Flow Helios Focus

The Helios Focus is set to push your level of riding to new heights; this is the snowboard boot for going bigger and riding harder. For anyone looking for Hylite-level performance but lives the couch surfer lifestyle, this boot won’t break the bank. This softer yet responsive boot boosts a Boa® H3 Focus Closure System for upper and lower fit control and our 3 Feather moisture wicking liner with ripper lacing and internal harness that is sure to support at any level. The B.F.T. CONTACT outsole, designed in collaboration with Vibram®, also adds to this total performance package.

Bootfitter’s comments: A lightweight boot with a breathable liner, the Helios offers awesome fit-and-forget comfort. Medium-firm flex will suit a wide range of riders.

Flow Tracer

The ALL-NEW Tracer is our answer to comfort, support and control. A mid flexing boot with an advanced lacing system to ensure great fit and feel in all riding conditions. Featuring a BOA Coiler w/ Heel-Lock Quickfit to ensure your feet stay in place and your boot to fits correctly. This softer yet responsive boot boosts a Boa Coiler Closure System for fit control and our 3 Feather moisture wicking liner with an internal harness that is sure to support at any level. The B.F.T. FREE-TRACK outsole for great traction and comfort

Bootfitter’s comments: All-round all-mountain performance in a medium flex package, the Tracer is designed to do everything, while keeping you locked in, comfortable and dry.

K2 Aspect

The K2 Aspect Boot is the first and only snowboard boot within the K2 range that is crampon compatible and has been designed with the high alpine tourer and splitboarder in mind. Featuring a leather upper and a Vibram Mountaineering Outsole for premium grip on rock and ice, as well as a stiff and sturdy construction that provides both longevity and great support. The boot also has a traditional lacing system with an internal BOA Conda on the liner to prevent heel lift.

Bootfitter’s comments: Serious backcountry performance from K2. The Aspect features a stiff flex, solid, crampon-compatible sole unit, and hybrid Boa and lace closure to ensure maximum preicison and stability on the way up and the way down.

K2 T1

Focused on a stiffer and more supportive feel the T1 is the boot our top pros like Lucas Debari depend on in their most critical lines and long days hiking and riding. Packed with proven technologies like Vibram, Intuition liners and Boa® Conda secure tightening there is no other choice for those looking for a stiffer boot.

Bootfitter’s comments: A stiff flex, traditional lacing, Vibram outsole and precise Intuition liner make this a favourite with old-school chargers and those who spend as much time in the backcountry as the resort.

K2 Ashen

The K2 Ashen is an ultra-lightweight boot for the advanced rider looking for comfort and support. The Ashen uses a Boa Lacing System that is easy to adjust on the fly, and a Tailored Zonal Fit over the instep will be comfortable and supportive. Harshmellow dampening in the sole of the Ashen will absorb vibrations from you flying down the mountain, or stomping big jumps. The Intuition Control Foam 3D Liner has the ability to be heat molded for a custom fit, and Internal and External J-Bars on the Liner will deliver ankle support and keep your heels locked down. If you want a boot that can easily be dialed in just for you, the K2 Ashen make a perfect choice.

Bootfitter’s comments: Lightweight, easy to use and with a medium-soft flex, the Ashen is designed to keep advancing riders on the hill longer. Boa closure, Intuition liners and zonal lacing ensure a great fit.

Ride Jackson

The RIDE Jackson boot has our brand-new Michelin® Summit Sole with the best traction on the market, Intuition® Support liner, heat-moldable J bars, and Boa®’s The Closer™ to spread and strengthen lace tension and enable quick adjustments. The Jackson has shred-everything versatility that makes it the right fit for either the ambitious rookie or seasoned vet.

Bootfitter’s comments: The Jackson is built tough for lasting performance. Features a medium flex and Boa closure for easy on-the fly adjustment.

Ride Triad

We’ve dressed up the RIDE Triad boot’s traditional lacing system with a new Boa® Tongue Tied™ closure, and underlined the industry-leading Intuition® Mobile Liner with our tried-and-true, dual-density EVA insole. Lightweight, supportive, and durable, the Triad was built to uphold the RIDE legacy.

Bootfitter’s comments: Traditional lacing, Intuition liners and internal J-bars gives the Triad a precise fit, while the medium flex offers great feel and performance all over the mountain.


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