Boot Solutions Japan

A specialist custom bootfitting and winter footwear store.

Boot Solutions in Niseko and Hakuba Japan is a specialist custom ski boot and snowboard boot fitting operation. 

Boot Solutions is owned and operated by experienced Podiatrist Ned Buckley. Through a unique combination of medical, biomechanical and technical knowledge, Ned and his team of qualified bootfitters are able to offer clients an unrivalled boot fitting experience.  

We offer an extensive range of ski and snowboard boots, with over 120 different models from 11 leading brands. We also have a fantastic selection of quality European winter footwear.



Our Team

Ned Buckley
Owner, Specialist Podiatric Surgeon, Master Bootfitter

Almost by chance, Ned landed his first boot fitting role in London in 2001. Having been a passionate skier all his life, Ned quickly developed a strong interest in the role, and with one thing leading to the next, he embarked on a journey that would see him fitting boots across the globe for the next 14 years. 

After several years in the industry, Ned had a desire to take his boot fitting to a new level. He had a great deal of technical knowledge of ski boots and how to custom fit them for different foot types, but he yearned to fully understand the biomechanics and anatomy of the lower limb so he could offer a truly holistic boot fitting service for his clients. This led him to complete a Podiatric Medicine degree at the University of Western Australia, followed by a Doctorate of Clinical Podiatry. Ned now operates Ned Buckley Podiatry in West Perth as a Specialist Podiatric Surgeon.  Ned is also a trainer with Masterfit University and travels to Melbourne annually to run a boot fitting course.

Ned founded Boot Solutions in 2006 and as it has grown year on year, Ned has carefully handpicked his team from all over the world. A number of our bootfitters are also podiatrists, and all our bootfitters are highly skilled and experienced. Most importantly, they are all passionate about their job, our industry, and helping our clients have the best possible experience. 

Ruairidh Squair
Niseko Manager, Master Bootfitter, Ski Instructor

Born in Scotland, and having worked in an enviable number of exotic ski locations for the past 10 years as a bootfitter and ski instructor, Ruairidh now calls Niseko home.  He joined the Boot Solutions team in 2012 and manages our Niseko store.

When asked what he loves most about being a bootfitter, Ruairidh says it’s the interactional nature of the job.

“This role affords an amazing opportunity to meet clients from all over the world. And simply talking to our clients is the most powerful and effective diagnostic tool we have.”

In recent years, Ruairidh has travelled extensively throughout Japan and is currently learning Japanese.

Katherine trans ed.png

Katherine Flanagan
Podiatrist, Bootfitter, Ski Instructor (Niseko)

Katherine, a qualified Podiatrist and Ski Instructor, is returning for her third season with the Boot Solutions team.

Katherine brings her Podiatric experience, her technical ski knowledge and her deep passion for snow sports to her Bootfitting role.

“I love helping people, improving their experience and quality of life and how well they are able to function.”

Katherine's perfect Sunday afternoon would look like this: is skiing -> onsen -> red wine and good food -> watch David Attenborough documentaries.  In that order. 

Katherine is an avid traveller and says her home is where her backpack lies.  She has many favourite travel destinations, but the Scottish Highlands currently tops the list.  


Brad Marshall
Bootfitter (Niseko)

London-born Brad entered the ski industry in 2008 as a ski instructor in Switzerland. He then moved into bootfitting in 2011, and has since been honing his skills in England, Switzerland and New Zealand.

Brad loves to be able to completely change people’s outlook on skiing with the help of a well-fitting ski boot.

“Having customers coming back after their first day in their new boots and saying it was the best day they’ve ever had is why I continue to boot fit.”

When Brad’s not doing park laps on the mountain, you’ll probably find him with his nose buried in a book.

Brad’s ultimate adventure would be spending a whole Winter road tripping through European ski resorts, and would love to one day call Wanaka in New Zealand home. 

Matthew Robinson
Bootfitter (Niseko Summit)

Matthew joined the Niseko team in 2015 and is back in 2016 to head up our new Summit Store.  

After spending much of his childhood skiing in the French Alps, Matthew developed a love of the sport from a very early age. This led him to pursue a career in the ski industry, beginning as a ski instructor at 16 and then moving into boot fitting in 2013. 

“I love working with customers to relieve their pain in ski boots and show them that ski boots don't have to be uncomfortable.”

With a Sports Technology degree also under his belt, Matthew has completed a thesis on the effects of orthotics in golf shoes as well as a comprehensive study for Adidas to assess the best performing sport shoe upper support. He has a particular interest in the biomechanics of ski technique and has ambitions to one day be involved in the design and engineering of skis, snowboards and boots.

Rob Gannon
Bootfitter (Niseko)

Rob has returned to Niseko for his second season with our Niseko team.

After gaining experience in the UK, Rob says he loves being able to put his knowledge of boot fitting to good use.

“Often what seems to be a complex problem can actually have a simple and effective solution.”

And when he’s not finding a solution for someone’s boot issues, or studying for an Economics exam, Rob likes to cycle, play guitar and discuss his thoughts on philosophy, politics and music.

Phillip Gourkov
Podiatrist, Bootfitter (Hakuba)

Phillip, a Podiatrist from Melbourne, joined our Niseko team last year and now returns to Japan this season to bolster our Hakuba crew.

Through his podiatric studies, Phillip has developed a strong interest in biomechanics and is able to apply his knowledge in this area in his boot fitting role.

“ I love to interact with people and hear their stories whilst reciprocating with excellent customer service. There is a lot that can be learnt from being open with a customer and making them feel comfortable.”

Beyond his passion for skiing, Phillip enjoys calisthenics/recreational gymnastics and likes to dabble in stand-up comedy. So if you’re lucky, he might share a few gags with you while he’s working his magic on your boots. 

Phillip's goal for this season is to build an igloo and have a tea party in it!

David Michael
Podiatrist, Bootfitter (Niseko)

David, also a Podiatrist from Melbourne, returns to Niseko for his second season.  

Born in Egypt, and raised in Melbourne, David says he loves making people happy and giving great customer service. 

“When a customer is happy with the product and can see efficacy immediately, then that gives me a nice feeling.”

David is a self-confessed foodie and will no doubt be happy to share with you his favourite new eateries in Niseko. 

Oh, and he’s often been told he looks like Carlton Banks (from Fresh Prince of Bel Air). We’ll let you decide. 

Douglas Stoddart
Bootfitter (Hakuba)

Standing at over two metres tall, Scottish born Doug is a keen athlete and played American Football at University. However, after a serious knee injury, his life changed direction and Doug found himself following a new career in boot fitting. Now with 13 winter seasons in Switzerland and New Zealand under his belt, Doug says he has never looked back.

“So many different factors come in to the perfect fitting boot, and working out the different pieces of the puzzle is a challenge I relish.” 

You can be sure that if there’s snow Doug will be skiing, searching out powder in bounds or slapping on the skins to look further afield. Otherwise he’ll be riding his bike, exploring the outdoors, or catching up on the weekends sport with a beer or two!

Joss Baldwin
Bootfitter (Niseko)

Joss entered the ski industry straight out of school and has been boot fitting for the past four years in his homeland of England as well as France and New Zealand. 

“I just really like the nitty gritty of problem solving and thinking laterally, it’s pretty rewarding when you sort issues out for people who didn’t think they’d ever be comfy in boots.

In his spare time, Joss enjoys playing squash and tennis and is also interested in cinematography and watching films. 

On top of his bucket list is to ski on every continent (minus the Antarctic).

Alastair (Ali) Howard
Bootfitter (Summit Niseko)

After a short stint as a computer technician, Ali realised he was pursuing the wrong profession. So he decided to follow his passion of skiing and began a career in boot fitting. After honing his skills in the UK and France, Ali is now fulfilling his dream of a season in Japan.

“I enjoy the interaction and relationships you can make with customers and I get to meet people from all over the world with all different professions. I also like the fact that there is always something new to learn with being a boot fitter.”

Ali confesses he is obsessed with skiing, so when he can’t be on the mountain, he hits up his local indoor snowslope in Milton Keyes. When he does manage to pry himself away from the slopes, he loves to drive his motorcycle and dabbles in photography and videography. 

Nick Walters
Podiatrist, Bootfitter (Niseko)

Newly qualified as a Podiatrist, Nick joins our Niseko team this season to learn the art of boot fitting.

A keen snowboarder, Nick has enjoyed several trips to the US and Japan. He has also found a new interest in cycling and loves hitting the mountain bike trails along the Yarra River in Melbourne. 

Nick lives by the philosophy "if your going to do something, do it right.”  

“I am definitely passionate about the finished product and I absolutely hate having my name next to anything which I don't think is 100% my best work.”

Dave Alleman
Bootfitter (Niseko)

In addition to working in the US ski industry for many years, Dave has held a host of interesting jobs. He’s been passionately involved in designing and leading environmental education programs and camps as well as bottling beer for a local brewery, working in a bike shop, and creating custom wood and steel furniture.

Dave loves being able to see the impact of a positive experience in the outdoors. 

“Whether it is from guiding a fun week-long backpacking trip or seeing customers come in to tell me that the boots and skis I recommended to them were perfect and they are now hooked on a new activity, helping people enjoy time outside and learn something new has always been the biggest reward.”

This will be Dave’s first season outside the United States and he’s super excited to experience Japan.  

Emily Poore
Bootfitter (Niseko)

Born and raised in Snowshoe ski resort in West Virginia, Emily literally has skiing running through her veins.  For 16 years, she’s been working in several different US resorts across all facets of the industry and has been boot fitting for the past seven. She is also currently a Masterfit Instructor at Mt Bachelor in Oregon.

In the summer, Emily is a Jane of all trades, trying her hand as a bar tender, restaurant manager, butcher and gardener. 

On the job, Emily is passionate about problem solving and creating lasting relationships with her customers. Off the job, she is passionate about good food, wine and friends. 

Emily loves to travel, however her favourite place will always be home with her family. 

Aron Hayes
Bootfitter (Niseko)


Hailing from Leeds, Aron has been honing his boot fitting skills in North America for the past six years. He is also a ski coach and competition judge. Aron joins our Niseko team this season. 

Aron is passionate about life and learning, especially when it comes to skiing. And at work, he likes to focus on the fine details to provide the perfect fit for his clients.

“I get excited about providing excellent service and having a satisfied happy customer.”

His favourite travel destination is British Columbia, and topping his bucket list is to heli ski in Alaska. 


Philip Curll
Bootfitter (Niseko Summit)

Phil joins us in Niseko in 2016 after chasing Winters between New Zealand and the West Coast of America for the past five years. 

As a bootfitter, he loves to be able to match his clients with just the right boot. 
“I enjoy introducing people to a great product that will make them better skiers and help them further enjoy skiing.”

As a first-timer to Japan, Phil is keen to immerse himself in the local scene.  And with an appreciation for good food, he is enjoying sampling the Japanese cuisine and cooking the local produce.                         Niseko: +81 136-55-5695                      Hakuba:  +81 808-629-2589