Boot Solutions Japan

The Custom Bootfitting Specialists.

Boot Solutions in Niseko and Hakuba Japan is a specialist custom ski boot and snowboard boot fitting operation.

Boot Solutions is owned and operated by experienced Foot & Ankle Surgeon Dr Ned Buckley. Through a unique combination of medical, biomechanical and technical knowledge, Ned and his team of qualified bootfitters are able to offer clients an unrivalled boot fitting experience.

We offer an extensive range of ski and snowboard boots, with over 120 different models from 11 leading brands. We also have a fantastic selection of quality European winter footwear.

Our new store at Hilton Niseko Village (opening December 2018) will also be offering premium ski and snowboard rentals and retail.


Here is some of the positive feedback we have received from our happy clients.

18 March 2019

Cam was great -- knowledgeable and not pushy. The whole process was very efficient and pleasurable. The boots skied great from the first run. Wish I had done this years ago!

Alexander Kleinberg, Singapore

11 March 2019

Boots were amazingly comfortable (especially compared to rental boots!) and Ted quickly readjusted my wife's let boot to reduce a little squeeze the next day. Superb service and highly recommended!

Wajanai Snidvongs, Thailand

7 March 2019

I’ve always had problems with rentals causing my feet pain but after getting the right boots with custom insoles and liners, it makes a world of difference for comfort and performance.

Arif Hassan, Hong Kong

3 March 2019

Josh was simply outstanding and put my foot into a boot that suited my foot. Some slight mods after the second day and they are a perfect fit. My brother recommended Josh after a fitting in December. I’ll get the family fitted by Josh next time we are in Hakuba!

Cameron Wilson, Australia

27 February 2019

Very happy with my boots and the customer service at the store. The team was very knowledgeable and accommodating. My friends have come back for adjustments and have been welcomed each time and nothing is too much of an issue. I have not needed any adjustments and I am so happy with the fit of my boots. Thanks so much Ted!

Jessica Greig, Australia

20 Februrary 2019

Excellent service, very knowledgeable, very friendly staff. Provided me with all of the necessary information, but was not pushy. Would highly recommend.

John Hamill, Australia

14 February 2019

Alex was an absolute pleasure to deal with. Very calm and knowledgeable. Could not have been more helpful.

Penny Burgess, China

12 February 2019

Great service, knowledgeable, friendly and patient with our many questions.

Zoe Scott, Malaysia

12 February 2019

I came in a few times. First time I saw Skylar who was Super helpful in telling me why I had issues with my current (own boots). He showed me a few alternatives and told me to come back with my custom footbeds. When I came back I saw Alex (from NZ) who spent a great deal of time with me selecting a new pair of boots and moulding the liners to make them as comfortable as possible. I skied on them for a day and they were excellent but I just needed a touch more room in the toe so I came back and saw Josh who helped me out again to identify the area needing a bit more room and he has them now fixing them up. I’ll pick them up shortly. All the guys seemed very knowledgeable and were extremely patient helping me to replace my boots. I’ll definitely recommend them.

Lucie Snape, Singapore

12February 2019

Just got custom inserts for my existing boots. Skylar was a boot guru, Instantly diagnosing my and my wife's boot issues and fixing them. My feet feel 100 percent better, thank you!

Shawn Boughey, Australia

10 February 2019

Since the initial fitting I’ve had modifications done by both Alex L & Josh. Both were also very knowledgeable and happy to help. This is the best money I’ve ever invested in ski gear.

Liam Campbell, Hong Kong

3 February 2019

Outstanding service. I felt extremely confident in Josh's knowledge of fitting and getting the right boots for me. Nothing was too much trouble. I went from extreme shin pain from hire boots to back out on the slopes within 2 hours and was able to ski without pain. I would definitely recommend Boot Solutions!

Fleur Shaw-Jones, Australia

28 January 2019

Alex is very skilled at his profession and was extremely helpful at the many adjustments we made throughout my trip to get the boots just right. i could not be happier with the fit and the service provided. i will be back next Feb 2020 and will likely purchase another pair ready for backcountry touring and have recommended your store to friends that will be traveling with me to hold out until they come see Boot solutions for a fit out. Alex is a legend and you guys are A+. As a business owner i can say that i'd be very happy if i had staff as good as your Hakuba store.

James Dykes, Australia

24 January 2019

The booking process was as easy as it could be, and Boot Solutions was very accomodating to my schedule. Joe and I discussed my skiing style and my foot shape, and he immediately recommended the perfect boot for my foot. We made some custom footbeds and heat moulded the lining, and within an hour and a half of stepping into the store, I was on my way up the gondola in my brand new, perfectly fitting boots!

Matthew Dehr, Japan

24 January 2019

I found my new boots gave me much more control from the very first step onto the slopes. Even though the boots were tight to start with, they did loosen up over time as promised and stayed fairly comfortable. No awful tight rubbing spots that I normally get with hire boots. I am so glad that I took the plunge and just wish that I'd done it years ago. The fit guarantee means I have peace of mind next season too. Thanks for your patience and comprehensive explanations, Alex!

Stephanie Bettison, Australia

21 January 2019

Alex did a great job in helping me to find the perfect boot for my complicated foot.

Jann Tegge, Germany

16 January 2019

Ted was awesome and very professional. After getting my boots I convinced my dad to go by boots as well and it’s all thanks to Ted for being so informative and attentive to my needs.

Timothy Looke, Australia

15 January 2019

I highly rate the service Josh and team provided. Entirely professional but personal and caring. Josh understood the issues and worked to get a good solution. I can now ski without suffering foot cramps or calf and shin pain. Thoroughly recommend this. Thank you Josh.

Wendy Stockwell, New Zealand

14 January 2019

Ted was great, seemed really knowledgable and took his time to find the boot that was perfect for me! So so happy with my new boots!

Laura Nørgaard Lund, Denmark

12 January 2019

Thanks Mike for fitting the snowboard boots! They work like an absolute dream!

Charlotte Trent, Australia

10 January 2019

Alex was great. I had booked an appointment for my wife the day we arrived. She was so happy with her new boots and Alex was such a great bloke, so I decided a few days later to see what he could do for me. I have never had such great fitting and good performing boots as the ones Alex recommended. He is an asset to your operation.

Andrew and Jayne Pyke

8 January 2019

Every problem with my feet was taken into account and even after a couple of days of skiing small problems where fixed without delay.

Shaun Wilson, Australia

6 January 2019

I've always had trouble with my feet so I'm really impressed with how great my boots feel. I had a great custom fitting with Kimberley and then had my boots tweaked a few times as I tested them on the ski slopes. Despite how often I came back, the service was always fantastic and most importantly, in the end, the boots were absolutely perfect. Thanks!

BoonLian CHEW, Hong Kong

6 January 2019

Alex O is very professional, passionate, and patient and always takes care of what I need and happily answers all of my questions.

Eric Wu, Taiwan.

 5 January 2019

Alex O did a wonderful job not only to fit the boots, he had shown his passion to make a perfect fitting and had been most willing to share his knowledge about snowboarding.

NG. MP, Hong Kong

1 January 2019

Cam is very patient and experienced. Very nice to work with. A happy experience.

Alex Que, Hong Kong

31 December 2018

Alex was very helpful in choosing and fitting our boots. I have a problem with wide feet and he helped me point out the problem area and find a solution in the padding for me. He gave a lot of information for our questions and kindly assisted us with the process. Thank you so much :)

Alvin Arief, Indonesia

28 December 2018

Ruri is truly excellent. We have used him for several years and several pairs of boots for our family.

Bob Adelski, Taiwan

28 December 2018

Kimberley was very nice and patient and knowledgeable. I have skied with pain in my outside feet for years. Finally decided to splash out and try some custom liners - Zipfit. Finally pain free when I ski - best investment!

Matthew Pau, Hong Kong

26 December 2018

Really professional and at no time did I feel rushed or pushed to make a decision. Josh took time to explain what I should be looking for in a boot and so guided me through my choice amazingly!

Charlotte Freeman, Singapore

24 December 2018

You guys are really professionals! Florian is friendly and helpful. Thank you so much!

Eric Siu Keug, Wong, Hong Kong

20 December 2018

Ruri the manager helped me to choose a boot that I am very happy with. I did the full setup with custom liner and heated mold shell...etc. You have a good team at the Niseko store. I am impressed and will be back the next the when I want a new boot or require boot fitting service. Thank you.

Jonathan Wong, Hong Kong

12 March 2018

Katherine was so great, she asked lots of questions and when I explained my problems she listened and understood and explained to me why I was having various difficulties, I really felt like she knew what she was talking about, she really cared about making sure I got the boots that were right for me and it was a really great experience. I learnt about my feet and why I'd always had certain problems with hire boots and it really made a lot of sense to me.

Kathryn Preston, Australia

10 March 2018

Katherine has great knowledge of boots & their suitability to the customer, but also has an excellent way of dealing with customers - calm, friendly and non- patronising. After overhearing her deal with a customer I organised a subsequent appointment with her.

Bruce Smeed, Australia

5 March 2018

Our party of four received excellent care from all the staff. Friendly and highly knowledgeable with great advice and one on one care. Thank you very much. I am comfortable that the boots I have purchased are the best ones for me.

Sue Paterniti, Australia

2 March 2018

Katherine was very knowledgeable, patient and professional. I am also a health professional dealing with many patients. In my opinion, she is a top professional.

Alexander Ling, Hong Kong

28 February 2018

Brad and the rest of the staff were absolutely brilliant. Rarely have I been so impressed with the service I have received A very happy customer!

Alan Coombes, Australia

24 February 2018

Katherine fitted both myself and my wife with ski boots. Katherine's knowledge, patience, and attention to detail were exceptional. My wife needed to return on two occasions for minor adjustments. These were done without hesitation and the end result is a warm, comfortable and well fitted boot. I have always had issues with fitting boots to the point where foam injection was needed for a well fitting boot. On this occasion Katherine fitted me with boots, liners, and foot beds. The thought was that I would return for further adjustments - never returned as the fit was perfect. Painless and precise fit. Could not be happier - a worthwhile investment.

Aleksandar Milojevic, Australia

23 February 2018

I would like to thank you again Katherine. The boots are absolutely perfect and I wouldn't change anything about them. These last two days riding with my boots have been amazing. Thank you so much!!!!

Julie Moksim, Laos

18 February 2018

I cannot thank Katherine enough for the help she gave me in finding the right boot/liner/footbed for me. I have had problems with boots for years causing huge amounts of pain but once I had my new boots my feet were completely pain and problem free all day. Thank you so much for offering such a wonderful service.

Lindsay Clements, Japan

10 February 2018

We were very happy with the new ski boots. Ruri is very knowledgeable in ski boots and offered great advise. He also custom fitted our boots. The result is excellent. Excellent customer service. Definitely will recommend you guys to my other ski friends.

Michael Ho, Hong Kong

8 February 2018

Alex was awesome. Very knowledgeable. The boots I had been wearing which were custom fitted in NZ gave me shooting pain in my foot after 2 hours of skiing. I can ski in my new boots all day and no pain. Well worth the money. Thanks.

Melissa Everett, New Zealand

7 February 2018

Alex was very friendly, engaged and took time to explain boot different options. He was fully focussed Om my purchase and nothing else!! Thumbs up

Jo Young, Australia

6 February 2018

6 Brilliant service, Matt was very professional and attentive while helping with my custom boots. Spent 2.5 hours customizing the boots for me!

Sam Lee, Hong Kong

5 February 2018

I’ve had troubles with my feet for several years and tried so much different types of boots and nothing has worked for me. Painful boots kills the fun of skiing. At Boot Solutions they fixed my problem in a couple of hours. Super happy to be able to enjoy skiing to the fullest again. All thanks to Boot Solutions.

Fredrick Ringen, Norway


3 February 2018

Boot Solutions Hakuba, you saved my trip & my love of skiing. Seriously. I can't recommend these guys enough. I have huge calves, low in-step, pronation, fatty scar tissue on right ankle, left shin bruising, low range dorsi flexion, arthritis in my toe joints and a right ACL & MCL i need to protect. Yep. DONE!! THANK YOU!!!

Anna Howie, Australia


1 February 2018

Great purchase, made all the difference for the rest of my week skiing. Really comfortable boots!

Ian Murphy, Australia

25 January 2018

I purchased new Zipfit liners for my current shells which were custom fitted to my current shell. Doug was brilliant and very knowledgeable in both boot fitting and feet on general.

Mitchell Robinson, Australia


22 January 2018

Both Skylar and Alex worked on fitting my boots and the adjustments for stretching the shell etc. They were very professional and courteous, and a pure joy to work with ... they are truly assets to your team at the Hakuba store.

Dale Blunden, South Korea

19 January 2018

Even after Alysha fitted me to start with boots and foot beds, the whole team was awesome in the days afterwards in little tweaks like blowing them out in a few spots and ankle wraps.  As soon as you walked in the door someone was there to help, now I’ve got the best pair of boots I’ve skied in.

Cory Daly, Australia

17 January 2018

The boot fitter I was privileged to be served by was Alex. He was fantastic! His knowledge was amazing, he explained so much & was ever so patient! He was so kind and even explanatory to my kids who were very inquisitive!

Von Brinkley, Australia

15 January 2018

Wonderful experience all the way through. Boots are brilliant, you guys are clearly onto a winner with the setup you have.

Wally Galloway, Australia

11 January 2018

I went from numb very uncomfortable feet in boots that I couldn’t wait to take off, to feet that felt fantastic all day and boots that could stay on all day!!

Maryanne Bailey, Australia

9 January 2018

It was a pleasure going into the store at Hakuba, everyone was happy, very friendly and always happy to help. Josh was awesome.

Trish Pickering, Australia

5 January 2018

Alex was extremely helpful and went out of his way to look at all possible options that suited me and did a great job customising the footbeds I bought. Very impressed with your service and Alex is a great asset to boot solutions.

Leslie Mouall, Australia

25 December 2017

Alysha was amazing! After my two hour fitting,  I have the best boots ever and she did it all with a smile!

Lisa Jackson, Australia

20 December 2017

Knowledgeable, friendly staff. Having fitted boots is so much better than renting and Alex made the whole process very enjoyable.

Justin Choulochas, Japan

16 December 2017

Thank you Matt for your great help in fitting such comfortable boots for us.

Candace Chan, Australia

16 December 2017

Alysha was the nicest person and was extremely patient! Thank you so much, my new boots fit amazingly!!

Chantal Wong, Hong Kong

15 December 2017

I had read about Boot Solutions and its' founder from the internet, and a friend of mine told me he got his boots from you guys, so I purposely planned my trip to Niseko to have my boot fitting session as I didn't have much confidence on the boot fitter in my home country. I initially had Katherine as my boot fitter, and when I came back to fine tune my fit, I got Alysha helping me. Both of them are very enthusiastic, and they gave me an excellent impression. As a high demanding customer myself, the whole experience really meet up with my expectation and I did not regret that I had to travel 3500 km for you guys, well done!

Darius Tse, Hong Kong

5 December 2017

The team helped me out fantastically today under their boot guarantee arrangement and I had a great afternoon and I am sure pain free remaining holiday as a result. Highly recommend you stop by soon.

Ben Pedley, Australia

27 March 2017

Alex in your Hakuba store did a bootfitting for me into the Technica Cochise 120 boots + footbeds.

I am no picnic with two very different feet courtesy of a car accident 30 years ago, have a lot of trouble with boots and tend to keep a pair for 10 years once they work.

I must say I was a little surprised that Alex just got on with it. He did a great job and although I only used the boots for 2 days at the end of the week, they were a huge improvement on what I had persisted with for the last three seasons.

I may be back for a tweak next season, but please pass my thanks on to Alex.

Greg McEntyre, Singapore

3 March 2017

I had the best experience with Alex and am loving my new K2 boots. He was knowledgeable, attentive and just an all round great guy. I saw him around town after and he would ask me about my boots and offer to make further adjustments. I took him up on the offer and really couldn't be happier. Would recommend him wholeheartedly. The service and experience has been second to none. 

Boris Lau, Hong Kong

22 February 2017

Dave was absolutely brilliant and my boots were AWESOME! I didn’t even need to go back to tweak anything during the two weeks I was in Niseko and they were transformative in terms of comfort compared to my old ones. Dave was fantastic during the fitting – great service all round.

Hilary Davies, Singapore

19 February 2017

Phil fitted my boots for me and his service was impeccable.  Cheerful, polite, friendly and quick to fix issues.  I came back twice in the week - once for a bit of heel rubbing which was quickly sorted, and finally for pain/bruising on my shins which Phil dealt with, no fuss.

I was very impressed with the service and am delighted with the result.

Emma Ryan, Singapore

17 February 2017

Josh sorted me out with some Tecnica boots which were absolutely great. The fit was totally my foot and perfect. The foot beds were spot on. I put the boots on in the morning, walked, skied all day and walked home without touching a buckle. Very very happy.  Thank you Josh!

After day 1, I did have a little soreness from where my old rental boots had been rubbing.

With Josh out, Phil was very helpful and his quick and easy temporary solution did the trick and I never had to worry about anything again.

Really glad that I did elect to buy my boots in Japan at the start of my holiday and was therefore in a position to receive assistance if I had problems.

Mary  Neech, Adelaide

15 February 2017

Emily was great: she was friendly and funny, obviously knew her stuff and seemed genuinely concerned to find the right boot and fit for me. She made what can be a fairly long and uncomfortable process quite interesting and fun, but more importantly engendered trust and I’d happily recommend her to anyone.

My new boots have enabled me to ski better than I ever have before, so I’m very pleased with them!

These are the second pair of boots I’ve done with you and I’ll be back for the third.

Iain Sedgley, Kuala Lumpur

7 February 2017

This is the best place to go if you're having trouble with your current boots or if you're looking to get some new boots.I  had them help me with my boots since the fit was way off and my husband got new boots from them. They make sure you're comfortable and they help you get a perfect fit. 

Stacey Tober, Taiwan

7 February 2017

I have done 1 day resort and two days back country and they have been fantastic! No problems at all with the boots. I appreciated the careful and patient fitting from Raj very much.

Marguerite Hall, Melbourne

6 February 2017

We had a great experience with Phil. He offered us a great service and we are very happy with the fit of our custom boots. 

Bridgette Stewart, Singapore

3 February 2017

I am very happy with the boots and even happier with the service. I have never had such good service. Raj just wouldn't give up until we found the best solution.  Many thanks.

Daniel K, Tromsø, Norway

15 January 2017

I just wanted to thank Brad Marshall for my boot fitting the other day. They are working really well for me and the skiing is much better!  I now realise that I should have got boots fitted years ago. 
Thanks again Brad for your great work. I really appreciate it.

Karen Teo, Adelaide

22 December 2016

Many thanks to Katherine for helping my daughter Isabel with heating and stretching her new painful boots. Your professionalism and advice was second to none and has made our skiing holiday in Japan so much more enjoyable. What a great service to have right here in the village.

Andrew Tierney, Point Lonsdale

22 March 2016

Dylan (Boot Solutions Hakuba) sorted me out with a new pair of K2 Spyne 130 boots, I walked in, told him I wanted a comfy boot that would work all over the mountain. With no fuss he sorted me out with new boots, custom foot beds and moulded the boots for me. After using the boots for a couple of days now, it's fair to say I am stoked with the results, and would recommend to anyone if they are in the market for a new boot, go see Dylan!!!!

Chris Fox, Hobart

15 March 2016

I just wanted to say a HUGE thanks to you guys for making my boots perfect for me.  You guys are legends!!!

After the last alteration which was on the toes they fit perfectly.  I couldn't believe how my skiing improved and for the first time I was able to ski all over the mountain and kept up with Dion.  I skied runs I never dreamed I was able to ski.

So a big, huge thanks to you all as you all worked on them.

Sue Desailly, Perth

2 February 2016

Katherine helped me so much with my boot problems. She was genuinely concerned and followed up on my step by step progression as she gradually shaped the boots to eliminate the pain points. What a beautiful young woman. Bravo Boot Solutions.

Louise Schweikert, Sydney

29 January 2016

If you want a lesson in customer service, this is the place. Katherine has been fantastic dealing with some troublesome feet. 6 stars.

Rick Schweikert, Sydney

6 January 2016

Can I just say that Kate was such a big help and so very patient and keen on finding just the right fit for me! The boots fit perfectly and they make skiing such a joy now. Would you mind thanking her again for all her effort and for being so professional!

Melissa De Coster, Sydney

3 January 2016

I just wanted to give a big thank you to you and your wonderful team. I think I may have met just about everyone working there over the last few days and they were all unbelievably patient, knowledgable, professional and just good people.

Johnson Tsui, Hong Kong

31 December 2015

My boots are is Matt. Great bloke and knows his stuff.....he helped me pick the perfect boots! Thanks so much!!! 

Jodi Rutherford, Hong Kong

30 December 2015

I visited your Niseko store and got fitted for a pair of ski boots, by the lovely Katherine. They are so comfortable, I wear them all day and there is no discomfort! I dropped in a few days later and Ned made me a set of custom footbeds, my feet thank you. I will recommend anyone to drop in and get a pair of boots fitted just for you, you will not regret it.

Drew Wilkinson, Darwin

28 December 2015

I visited Boot Solutions on 27 Dec 2015 to get help with a small issue with my new boots. Though I had not bought the boots there and showed up without an appointment, a 30-minute wait was all it took for Ned to fit me in, despite the shop being exceedingly busy.

This was no quick-fix,shoddy in-out job – despite being pulled in several directions, Ned took time to do a custom insole as well as heat-molding boots and liners, never making me feel he was trying to get me out of the shop in a hurry. Only when I skied the boots the next day did I realise how improved the fit was and it took an all-day backcountry tour in waist deep powder for my toes to get marginally less than toasty.

I unhesitatingly recommend anyone in the area who needs new boots or adjustments to current boots, to make use of the outstanding service at Boot Solutions.

Odd Haavik, Singapore

26 December 2015

Excellent service and an awesome bunch of guys who really know what they're doing.
 DO NOT go anywhere else for your boots!

Reza Mahmud

24 December 2015

My new boots are wonderful! I have a lot more confidence in these boots than my old pair, and already have seen an improvement in my skiing. 

I would like you to extend my thanks to Ruairidh. He made the fitting experience enjoyable, and the quality of his work was immediately evident. 

I have no hesitation recommending him, or Boot Solutions to anyone looking to improve their skiing. 

Jeremy Thorn, Hong Kong

23 December 2015

The boots are fantastic. I love them! Needless to say, I will spread the word about you folks at Boot Solutions! Thanks again!

Gary Tan, Singapore

22 December 2015

I have uncommonly shaped feet so have had lots of issues but these boots seem to be on the money! I was having nerve compression type pain on the second last toe of my left foot but yesterday that was better. The general fit is very good and has felt very secure. 

Ryan Somerville, Brisbane

20 December 2015

I must say that my new custom-fitted Salomon boots fit me perfectly, and I am very pleased with the increased levels of performance and enjoyment that the new boots have given me. An overall worthwhile investment, and definitely no more rental boots for me :-)

I will let my friends who visit Niseko know of the excellent service and products provided by Boot Solutions.

Edwin Leong, Singapore

17 December 2015

My runners don't fit me as well as these boots do! Katherine is a genius. Whatever she is being paid, is not enough.

Martin MacLeish, Melbourne

15 December 2015

Katherine was excellent, very knowledgeable and patient with us. The boots are great. Should have done it years ago. Very happy!!!

Steve Howarth, Hong Kong

27 February 2015

I want to say what a great team you have at Boot Solutions! Paul saved my feet with new pair of boots, after joining my cousin and I for a ski, and checking out my ski style, so ensuring the perfect boot/fit. That's what I call going above and beyond duty!

Andrew Spittle, Perth

26 February 2015

It is rare that I make the time to provide feedback on my experiences but following a visit to your Niseko branch yesterday I was inclined to do so. 

Having visited your store the previous day to find the store teeming with customers, I booked an appointment the following morning with Katherine to discuss the ski boot problems I was enduring. I have visited resorts all over the world and I can confidently say the next 2 hours of my life was up there with the best customer service I've ever received. 

Katherine could not have been more helpful in regards to my injury, ability level and budget with her advice, recommendations and eventual solution. Her attitude and bright friendly personality eased my initial concerns about the arduous process that can usually be associated with getting boots fitted, even in spite of serving several customers at the same time as me. 

Please pass my thanks on to Katherine and the team for an exceptional customer experience. 

All the best, 

Ben Taylor, London

11 February 2015

Josh is an absolute professional, and a great bloke to boot (pardon the pun)... Really knows what he is talking about, and has set me up with some awesome boots after getting out of a pair that were way too soft and had no support. I can now get the most out of my boots and skis!

Will Garthon, Sydney

4 February 2015

I am extremely happy with the results. I enjoyed the mountain more and my skiing improved! I also found that the support and comfort allowed me to stay skiing for longer, while less sore at the end of each day.

Thanks a lot to Ned for the fitting. Money well spent!

Holidays are there for you to enjoy yourself. Boot Solutions provided the opportunity to enjoy holidays that little bit more.

I will be recommending you to my  family and friends.

Mark Bossong, Perth 

3 February 2015

I have skied three full days with no pain. After experiencing the nightmare of using ill fitting hire boots last year, the difference having boots fitted is unbelievable. I am skiing with my wife later in the year and will definitely be getting her fitted boots.

David Coe, Perth

2 February 2015

First time to have comfortable, highly responsive boots in 20+ years of skiing. All thanks to the great team here!

Stu Anderson, Auckland

31 January 2015

If you ever want great fitting boots, come here. 

Gavin Allan, Northland

23 January 2015

The boots are great, really comfy. I have a larger than average feet width and I have encountered a lot of issues with my previous footwear (sneakers, boots, etc) and I have to admit that the fit on this pair of boots is perfect. I did not encounter any pain on the slopes, even after going for hours without rest.

Alvin Teh, Singapore

20 January 2015

My boots have been absolutely awesome....worth every cent! Mark's boots (after a few adjustments) have also been fantastic. You guys provide an amazing service so thank you so much.

Kate Hansen, Queensland

4 January 2015

I had excruciating pain in the ball of my left foot and a pressure sore on my right heel. I am now completely pain free after a visit to these guys in Niseko! Thanks so much.

Erin Condon, Sydney

30 December 2014

If you are looking for custom fit ski boots, look no further than Boot Solutions  - these guys are awesome, especially Brad who sorted my boot very quickly, and it truly fits like a custom boot now! Don't waste your time with rental boots anymore if you are a regular skier.

Chih Ming Hwang, Singapore

10 December 2014

Ruairidh did a wizard job on my boots this week and what a great laid back professional guy. I no longer have the boot problems that I've had for 2 years.  Any of my guests or friends this winter that have boot problems I will direct traffic straight to you guys there at Boot Solutions.

Great result, thank you!

Rod White, Niseko Japan

24 January 2013 (From Trip Advisor Reviews)

I recently bought new ski boots from Boot Solutions located inside Rhythm Snow Sports Japan.

The service was incredible! I have been a skier for 21 years and these are the best fitting boots I have ever owned! I had a couple of small issues that needed attention as I have slightly weird feet and the guys were really good in assuring me that they could make it comfortable. 

It took a couple of days for me to get them right but now they are fantastic!

Geoff J, Melbourne Australia

9 January 2013 (from Trip Advisor Reviews)

I wanted to write in praise of the boot fitting prowess of Josh Williams. He is from Telluride, Colorado and is currently a seasonaire in Niseko. I now have about 70 days or so on the boots he fitted for me last season and can say I have no problems. The firm snow here in Telluride has made the situation even more difficult, too (we have a forecast for snow). So if you are anywhere near Niseko, search Josh out and have him work his magic!

Ken F, Telluride, Colorado

20 November 2012 (From

My feet are my own worst nightmare, look more like dinner plates than feet.
I have wasted a small fortune in buying badly fitting boots from so called boot specialists.
However, last season for the first time in my life I finally had an awesome boot fitting experience i.e. comfortable feet.

I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend Boot Solutions at Rhythm sports in Niseko if you need ski boots fitted.


 Niseko Hirafu: +81 (0)136 55 5695          Niseko Village: +81 (0) 90 7644 8419        Hakuba:  +81 (0)80 8629-2589